Selling your house in Fall

Selling your house in fall seasons gets you the maximum...there’s definitely merit to this, the houses has great curb appeal, gardens are more colorfuland the weather is warmer. We all know that Spring is the best time to sell your house your house. but that doesn’t mean you should hold off listing your property as we come into autumn. Here are six reasons why:


1. Interest rates are currently at an all time low, encouraging buyers to make the most of it and purchase their next home.

2. Less listings means less competition

Typically we see fewer properties coming onto the market during the winter months, but the buyers are always out there looking for the properties. Listing to sell your property in fall means your property will have less competition and may attract more interest. Its about supply and demand...demand is always there and when supply is less which means you may be able to get the good value of your house

3. Kids are back to school and people are back from vacations too...

In early fall, kids are back to school meaning most buyers will be available to attend open homes. Unlike summer when there are holidays in the school often means potential buyers are distracted and possibly travelling with the kids.

4. The weather is beautiful!!!

Much like spring, the weather in fall is actually great house-hunting weather. We’re just past the hot summer months, and we’re not yet into the much colder months. This means crisper, sunny days and less sweltering, humid, rainy or cold days that may deter potential buyers from inspecting in other seasons.

5. Serious Buyers

In summer months you get the serious buyers as well as "the lookers". These are the browsers who go from open home to open home without the serious intention of buying. In off-peak times, like trying to sell your property in autumn, you’re far more likely to attract serious buyers who are looking to move due to circumstance rather than season... which mean your time is not wasted by the lookers.