Real Estate Services

ACCURATE EVALUATION:  The correct selling price of a home is the highest price that the market will bear.  To assist you in determining the correct asking price we provide you with acomprehensive market analysis of comparable properties in your neighbourhood. CLICK HERE FOR FREE ONLINE HOME EVALUATION
PROFESSIONAL ADVICE:  I will advise you of any necessary repairs and how you may best prepare your home for showing.  You will be kept up to date on the state of  the market, the sale of similar properties and any other factors which may affect the progress of the sale.
PROMOTION OF YOUR HOME TO OTHER REALTORS:  The major selling points of your home will be distributed to other real estate firms throughout the community   and within my office.
NEGOTIATE: My negotiations skills will help you to get the best value of your house.
NOTIFY PURCHASERS: I will use our advanced computer system to identify people who have been looking for homes in your neighbourhood.  They will be contacted and given the details of your property.
PROGRESS REPORT:  Every step in the sales effort will be documented.  My Marketing Service Report will keep you up to date.
ADVERTISING:  I will advertise your home diligently until sold.  My full colour comprehensive feature sheet will remind every Buyer about the qualities of your home.